The advantages of Atoma

Watch our video to discover the advantages of Atoma

The unique Atoma Binding System offers stationery with a pure and timeless design. Atoma notebooks allow you to improve the organization of your documents.

You can:

  • Remove pages, put them back or change their order without damaging the pages or the notebook.
  • Exchange pages between various notebooks.
  • Print and copy on pages before returning them to the notebook.
  • Buy refills and insert those in existing notebooks.

The Atoma Binding System combines the best features of a ring binder and a spiral notebook!
For students for example, this means:

  • Take notes for different subjects in 1 notebook without having to use an impractical thick binder.
  • No more putting stickers round holes when you tear paper in your binder!
  • The small rings don't get in the way when taking notes, as is the case with a binder.
  • An Atoma notebook only takes up half the space on the desk with its ring system where the sheets turn 360°.

Environmentally Friendly Products.

The Bio-Atoma collection is produced with recycled covers.
All paper used in Atoma products has been bleached 100% chlorine-free. It is less harmful to the environment.
All our paper is also FSC-certified*

Handy refills are available for nearly all products. What's more, using separate refills is economical and environmentally friendly, because the covers can be recycled.

* Forest Stewardship Council



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