Create your own Atoma notebook

The hole puncher

Why not bind your presentations, files, drawings with the Atoma punch and Atoma rings or add your own pages into your regular Atoma notebook? In this way you can enjoy all the benefits of the Atoma system and produce an attractive, personalized book.

The Atoma punch is available in selected stationery stores or can be ordered on line.


The A4 Atoma Notebook has eleven rings, while most of the imitations use twelve rings.

Atoma has rings in several colors and materials, which you can use in the Atoma perforator to make your own notebooks. Click here to have a look at our complete range of Atoma rings.


For about all Atoma product refills are available. By using the covers twice, inserting new refills, you save a lot of money and protect the environment.

You'll find the Atoma refills here.



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