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The Original since 1948
There are now several brands of ring notebooks on the market, but the "Atoma notebook" remains "the one and only".

The Atoma Notebook: The original

Atoma notebooks have been fascinating for entire generations.

An Atoma is unlike any other notebook. It is a must-have, an unwritten page ready to record your emotive moments on. A notebook for thoughts and poetry, for addresses and quotes, a photo album and a recipe book... Atoma has many faces.

It is therefore not surprising that the "Atoma notebook" became an established concept as well as a generic name in different languages. A brand icon, similar to "Bic", "Tupperware" and other brands that became a household name for the user.

How do you recognize a real Atoma notebook?

How do you recognize a real Atoma notebook?
Papeteries Mottart - certified supplier of the Belgian Royal Court

Atoma, thoroughbred Belgian!

Atoma is since 1948 a typical Belgian product based on a timeless design of which we can rightly be proud. Meanwhile, six decades later, Atoma extended beyond its borders to become one of Belgian's crown jewels in terms of custom linked design. The phenomenon was often imitated but never matched.

Papeteries Mottart - the company behind Atoma - is a certified supplier of the Belgian Royal Court. Eighty percent of Atoma's production remains within the country. The remaining twenty percent is destined for abroad.


Atoma’s collaboration with top designers guarantees original collections. They make the Atoma notebooks stand out between their competitors.



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